Satya Shaw

Satya Shaw Speaks About Assets And Taxes To Diwali Event

Tampa CPA Satya Shaw spoke in October about asset protection and tax saving to hundreds of doctors gathered for a Diwali celebration.

On October 26, 2018, Tower Radiology Diwali drew the attention of more than 300 Indian American doctors who enjoyed the traditional festival and the timely talk by experienced CPA Satya Shaw. .

During a well-received keynote address to the group of medical professionals, Shaw explained the importance of careful asset protection in today’s turbulent financial world. He also pointed out often-overlooked tax saving strategies that even these experienced professionals may have missed. After the event, doctors could be heard discussing the important lessons and advice Shaw provided.

Diwali events are held throughout Indian communities around the world and recognize the symbolic triumph of light and good over darkness and perceived evils. Being a part of such a ceremony is an honor for any businessperson.

Satya Shaw CPA has been busy indeed this fall. He hosted an event welcoming the Indian Consular to the Tampa area in October – an event attended by hundreds. In November, thousands looked on as he was honored at another Diwali event for his work in the Indian American community..

Shaw’s respect within the community was evident at all three events. He works to provide insurance consulting, tax consulting, wealth management services and general accountancy services to a wide range of clients from within and outside the Indian community. He also helps local businesses in the Tampa area with payroll, Quickbooks software and more.

Through Shaw’s three decades of work, he has also been an active community activist and organizer who has gained the respect of his peers because of his tireless action on behalf of unrepresented and underrepresented voices within the Tampa community and across the United States.


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